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Sometimes the world takes me by surprise and I find myself lost...

It is easy to let your “faith” boat get one degree off course. Even though one degree may not sound like a big deal if your going across a small pond, but if you are voyaging across the ocean, you would not end up where you were wanting to go. Sometimes I’m sailing along, sun on my face, beautiful breeze in the sail, but as lovely as the day is I’m still heading in the wrong direction. So many people get off course, myself included, and beat themselves up for being off a degree. Whether we are being internally selfish, busy, over committed, or anything else, it is not surprising that getting off course one degree happens in our lives. We look up and suddenly we are lost!! Christ is our ultimate compass. We cannot get distracted by all the trappings of this world. Focusing on God and having him direct your life will keep you on course. God’s word is our ultimate road map. The Bible will even tell us when there is road construction and to take another route. The amazing thing is Christ has so much Grace and Mercy even when we get off course, He is more than willing to give us our “Course Correction Coordinates”. We just need to accept that though we may try, we are not perfect people. He will always get us where we are going if we keep our eyes on Him. Remember we cannot follow what we are not focused on.

Have a blessed day.


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