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Challenges that winter throws our way...

It is a snowy cold day here on the Ranch. Being busy and facing challenges that winter throws our way can be a cause for us to sometimes feel defeated. I rest in the eternal hope that God gives us that even this too shall pass and before we know it the tulips will be blooming and there will be a warm breeze heading our way. Winter is also a time to reflect. I struggle with the cold and the winter blues to the point that even now I wouldn’t balk at the presence of a fly. This particularly has been a very hard winter here in Kansas with lots of our neighbors losing large amounts of livestock. We have been in comparison very blessed.

My soul finds that if I praise Him in the rain before long I see the rainbow and I am at peace that God is sovereign over all things. It is easy to take things for granted in our fleshly bodies but God calls us to a higher purpose. When I feel particularly down I go on a Praise Rant! I praise God for everything: rain, snow, wind, warm fire, smell of something tasty in the oven. Even though winter is not my favorite season there is a purpose for everything under Heaven, even Old Man Winter. Appreciating and thanking God for the little things is medicine for your soul.


Take some time this winter season to renew yourself and get ready for when Spring does hit. Take the extra time to stay in God’s word seeking Him in everything we do because frankly it is too cold to do much else. Sit by a warm fire and let God quiet you mind and heart. Drink hot chocolate or coffee while eating a cinnamon role and savor the essence of the little things. It is too easy to get caught up in the world and lose yourself in the process. Find things you enjoy to do or learn something new. I taught myself to crochet some simple patterns with the help of my Grandmas DNA, tried new recipes, & started painting again. Keeping God your true North will help keep everything in life balanced.

Christian Action

A universal law is “what we sow shall we reap”. Be kind and you will get kindness back, be hateful and you will get hate back. My challenge for myself is to be the hands and feet of Jesus. Find a need and meet it. That is one reason we started our ministry for kids. We want to sow Christ’s love into their lives and start a chain reaction. Feeling overwhelmed by that challenge? Make cookies for a senior citizen group, shovel off your elderly neighbors steps and sidewalk, be observant to those around you & then… be Jesus.

Many prayers to you my friends.. stay warm



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