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Lexi Quick

2022 Volunteer of the Year!

Lexi has been volunteering at the ranch a couple of years.  She started doing sessions and quickly advanced to a junior volunteer role.  Lexi helps with women's ministry riding safety almost every ride, helping saddle and unsaddle horses for our ladies.  She also volunteers' multiple times a week.  She has a wonderful work ethic and lives/loves to be at the ranch.  She is the daughter of Bryan and Christina Quick.  Bryan is in Army and is currently serving in Poland.  Lexi has multiple sisters and a baby brother.  Lexi put in hundreds of hours here at the ranch this past year.  All the volunteers love her, and we are so proud to have her a part of the ranch family.   

Allison Shrader

Volunteer Women's Ministries Coordinator 

Volunteer Women's Ministries Coordinator & 2023 Volunteer of the Year

Allison is the Elementary Music Teacher at Herington Elementary School.  She is married to Josh Schrader and they have a son, Tobin.  She enjoys spending family time together in a variety of ways including family games, bike rides, walks, going to zoos and museums, and making music.  Allison serves in different ministries with her church family including Worship Team and children’s Sunday School.  She has enjoyed horseback riding and connecting with horses since a young age. Allison began her walk with Jesus in 2010.  Through Christ, she overcame a period of struggles and He placed a deep desire in her heart to help other women in the journey to healing.  Allison began volunteering at Broken Wings Ranch Ministry in July of 2022.  Here at the ranch, she is able to share the love of Christ and her love of riding together to make an impact of the lives of women.

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