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Equine Counselors


“Ride with me and I will teach you what you need. For I am gentle and humble, and it is here that you will find rest for your soul.”

Matthew 11:29

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Babe is a pretty little red roan mare that was generously donated by Bobby and Lisa Miller in 2021. She is new to the ranch and will be starting up this upcoming season in womens ministry and then graduating to children’s ministry as well. She was previously used as a trail and pleasure horse. She has such a quiet and sweet personality. We have really enjoyed getting to know her here at the ranch.

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Cisco is new to the ranch as well. He was also donated to the ministry in 2021 by Phillip Janke. He has been used primarily in women’s ministry trail rides and has done a few children’s sessions as well. He is our oldest guy here at the ranch he is a 1992 model. You couldn’t tell it by looking at him. He has a great pep to his step & loves to lope about. He is a super sweet little bay gelding. His previous career we believe was competition and then used primarily as a trail/pleasure horse. He sure loves seeing those barrels in the arena though 😊

Cowboy "Linus"

Linus is a sweet little horse donated to us from a former lesson stable outside of Abilene Kansas.  He is quiet and friendly with a heart of gold.  We are hopeful he will be ready for the upcoming season.  He has been riding out getting use to the terrain of the Flint Hills.  He had been only ridden in an arena during his previous job.  


Duke is another who loves the kids. He is from the JAK ranch originally although we have had him for many years. He primary job is ranch hand, but he has filled in with a couple of sessions with very popular approval. He is another one who loves the attention and the apple treats. His primary duty is women’s ministry trail rides. He loves his Becca from Homestead as much as she loves him.


Grey is our ranch welcoming committee. He is a true gentleman and always the greeter at the gate. We have had this teddy bear for many years. He is a 2003 model & what we call a pocket pony. This gentle giant is always looking for love and attention. What he lacks in motivation he makes up for in the size of his heart. He likes frisking the kiddos for apple treats. He is the biggest bundle of love and is spoiled rotten by our kiddos. His heart can warm the most broken and fragile of souls.


Max has been with us since the day he was born. He is my “Eeyore” since he always looks pouty and gloomy but don’t let his pouty exterior fool you. Max is so loveable he is one of the favorites here on the ranch especially with the older kiddo’s who are not intimidated by his size. He is a rock-solid horse on the ministry team and has been my counselor and baby for over 21 years.


Oreo is a mini we recently purchased for the ranch in April.  He is a 2018 model.  He is getting broken in by my volunteer Lexi and will be offered for sessions hopefully by the middle of the summer.  He is very sweet but still a little timid yet.

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Reba is a cool little appaloosa pony. She was donated by Floyd & Gayle Dowell in 2021. She has fit in beautifully with our children’s program. She has a sweet soul and very calm demeanor. She is also approximately a 2007 model. I can’t wait to see how she grows in the program. She is also the favorite of one of our granddaughters who cannot get enough of her. She loves her Reebs.


Willow was purchased by Mike & Monika Houseman.  Mike has served in army for past 14 years and recently come back from a yearlong deployment from Poland.  He is now transferring out of state for training.  So, they sadly had to let Willow go.  Monika was an educator at Herington elementary.  They have Maelie, Colt, Caleb & baby Carson.  They have had Willow since she was a foal in 2017 bringing her from Alabama to Kansas.  We are excited to have her here at the ranch and cannot wait to see how she will fit into our program.  She will be first gaited horse we have here at the ranch.  Thank you to the Houseman's for trusting us with Willow!

Our horses are more than just ranch animals. They are therapists, friends, family members, and creatures of God.

We remember those that served our family, ministry, and community so well.



Bullseye was one of the popular fellows here at the ranch. He had a quiet personality and was up for anything. He was super sweet and loving. He was our only horse here at the ranch that has a mustache which made him the subject of many of the rainy day art paintings. The kids absolutely loved him, and so did we. Bullseye went home to God in 2021



This little paint horse loved to race and loved to work cattle. He was truly our energizer bunny. He was great with kids and such fun to have had here at the ranch. We had Smoke for years and got him from a rescue situation. He was my son’s horse for years while he was growing. He had career in rodeo and was a good roping horse. Smoke went home to God 2021



Butch was the biggest confidence builder for our kiddos here at the ranch. He had a bubbling personality and was quite the character. He was a sweet pony that was donated to the Ministry by Phillip & Tammy Mobley who own 5M Cattle Company. He was approximately a 2007 model and has quite a personality, as seen by his shades. He was more like a puppy than a pony. Butch went home to God in 2022.

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Lucky got his name from one of our dear volunteers. He was going to be sold at auction when he came here to the ranch. He had been put out to pasture and had not been seen for about 5 years. He was a wonderful addition to the ranch and our women’s and children’s ministry rides. He sure got the attention and love made up to him. He had a quiet and soft soul. He was an approximately 1997 model. We were so fortunate to have had the opportunity to acquire him before auction. Lucky went home to God in 2022.

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