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9/11 and Never Ending Hope

It is profound to me to think that the tragedy that happened 17 years ago. It brings me back to that very instant and the numbing weeks of fear that followed when we were wondering what was going to happen next. Earlier today, I watched a video from the news reels that had played that day & it took me back to that morning 17 years ago. That morning I had flipped on the news just to hear the background noise as I went about my daily tasks. My kids were playing on the floor. They were really just babies at the time at 6 & 2. I had walked back into the living room & glanced up seeing the first plane hit the World Trade Center. It was surreal and I questioned in my mind if I saw what I thought I saw, but the feeling in my stomach wouldn’t let me change the image that was going through my head. From then forward, I was glued to the TV as I watched things go from bad to worse. I didn’t even get dressed for the day until late in the afternoon. The realization that spread through the world when the second tower was hit was that we were under attack. I can still see the images that flooded the television for weeks following the tragedy. So much so they advised parents to be careful regarding the exposure to the images that our children were getting.


As the weeks drug on we realized the entire scope of what had happened. We started to hear about the rescue efforts stopping and recovery beginning which brought the realization of how devastating this truly was. We knew that there would be a new normal of fear and pride all at the same time. Fearful of something else happening while feeling a unity and pride in our country that had been slowly diminishing before this tragedy. We knew that this would take years to recover from. We knew that we were not laying down as a country and that there would be a fight. A quiet hope and faith started to spread throughout our country. People were being kind and compassionate towards others helping in many situations. We saw a huge surge in reenlistments of our military that we should see at all times not just during a tragedy. People turned towards God & country. What was significant at the time before 9/11 wasn’t significant after. Our country was united.

Never Ending Hope

We wonder as Christians sometimes why things happen? Why do tragedies strike? Why do I have cancer or have lost a child? While we cannot answer those questions we have, the knowledge that God promises to never leave us or forsake us. He is with us at ALL times & in ALL circumstances. We may not know why we are faced with some of the challenges of this world but we have the assurance that we are never alone. Fear can be all consuming if a person walks in a spirit of fear. God wants us to look to Him in all situations and HE will give us peace & assurance that HE will get us through all circumstances if we remain in HIM.

Have a blessed day everyone and don’t forget to continue to pray for those families effected by Sept 11th. Continue to pray for our country and to walk with a spirit of Hope that we are God’s and He has us. Walk in a spirit of compassion for our fellow man for we may never know the burdens another person carries.

Love Always


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