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Gorgeous day on the ranch...

Today was a gorgeous day on the ranch. It is drying out from our week of rain so we got a little dirt work done around the “outhouse”. We placed some field stones as stepping stones to get up to the door. We also finished forming and tomorrow morning there will be a cement alleyway in the horse barn. Exciting stuff is happening. This will help further along our project by giving us the foundation to set stall fronts.

On a side note. After pouting a few days Tyson decided to lay on his couch we moved out of the horse barn under a shade tree. He is not completely happy about it by some of the stink faces he was throwing our way. 🙂

Yesterday we had a beautiful Sunday off and Rick and I went riding to check cows and pasture horses. It was wonderful to see the ponds full and the creek running again. It makes you appreciate the little things. The pasture horses were being rather elusive but the girls were doing great. All fat and sassy. We hope to be seeing some little red angus babies before the month is out. Have an awesome and very blessed week.


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