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Fall 2018

It has been an early fall here at the ranch with this week of rain and cloudy days. We are still playing in the mud but we don’t mind after finally getting relief from the drought this summer. It is now one of my favorite times of the year. I love the fall! We are starting into calving season & they are popping all over the ranch. We will start to get a sprinkling of little ones here and there starting now continuing on for several more months. Rick and I saw a little black white face calf just born today. You forget for a minute just how little they are for the first week or two. This time of year always makes me nostalgic of years gone by. I always remember my childhood where fall harvest was another big time of year. I would just stare at those beautiful big orange harvest moons.

Family time was always big for us gearing up for the holidays. We got the blessing of having my sister Sue stop by for a visit with her husband Kevin & our nephew Zim. We had a great chat and quite a few laughs. Quality time with family is something that you can never get back if lost. We try to take advantage of family time as much as possible.


As far as projects coming along. We got the alleyway in the horse barn formed up for concrete early this next week. It will help us get to finish the outside wall of the tack room and get the door on. We also got a lot of construction clean up done and the north corner getting ready for stalls. I’m so excited getting some of these projects finished up. We want such an inviting environment for the kids & families coming out here to the ranch.

Lack of comfort

Poor Tyson was in a pout this evening. We moved he old couch out of the barn that he loves to lay on all day. He about doesn’t know what to do with himself. He will just have to lay on the old couch under the shade tree. I think he will be alright though 😉 He still has his big office chair in the shop.

Blessings for a wonderful evening.


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